Punakha Festival & Drubchen Tour

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Venue: Punakha Dzong (Fortress) grounds

Total Duration: 12 days

Other places: Paro, Thimphu, Wangduephodrang

Entry and Exit: Paro

punakhaTour Summary:

Punakha Drubchen takes one back to the 17th century as a scene from the period is enacted. History says that in the 17th century, Tibetan forces attacked Bhutan. It is said that without any standing army, the duty to hold the attackers at bay fell on the “Pazaps,” the local militiamen from the eight great villages (Tshogchens) of Thimphu, who were victorious. To commemorate the victory, Zhabdrung introduced the Punakha Drubchen.

During the Drubchen, the entire battle is re-enacted with local men dressed as “pazaps” emerging and showcasing the victory.

The Tsechu follows the Drubchen.


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